Building Pillars of wowTalkies:

  • Fan Communities: These function as mini-DAOs where fans can interact and be rewarded by the community members themselves.
  • Fan to Superfan Leaderboard: The journey from fan to superfan is gamified with competitions, and leaderboards track this journey.
  • Collectibles and Content Expression: The platform enables the rental and lending of collectibles, adding a new dimension to the fan experience. These collectibles come with their own utility such as entry to the community, AR features, etc.
  • The wowTalkies Wallet: Setting up non-custodial wallets on the platform will be user-friendly, and they also extend support for third-party wallets on EVM-based chains.
  • Tech-led Utilities: wowTalkies is working on unique technology-driven utilities designed to enhance and interact with collectibles, such as AR avatars, face swapping into movie posters, and iconic filters.